An Overview Of Online Psychology Degree

An Overview Of Online Psychology Degree

Does psychology as well as behavioral science intrigue you as a subject? If you would like to learn more about why and how people behave in a certain way, then psychology can be the subject for you, and you can think of pursuing a degree in it. The options in these degrees are many in number, varying from undergraduate, graduate, master, and doctoral level degrees. One of these degrees can be chosen depending upon the career path you wish to take in the future. While you can join a school or university for studying one of these programs, there is also the option of online psychology degree for students who cannot join regular courses for one reason or the other.

Here is the detailed overview of various degree programs in psychology:

Associate Degree In Psychology

Associate Degree in Psychology is a two year undergraduate degree program in psychology, which is offered at community colleges, universities as well as online. The associate degree is essential for those who want to take up a job in the entry level of the profession. Additionally, it is the starting level course for those who look to take up a bachelor’s degree in psychology in future. Those who want to start up a profession right after taking the degree can take up a job as a psychiatric technician at a mental hospital and also join a rehabilitation center in some states.

Bachelor’s Degree In Psychology

The four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology is an undergraduate level degree program, which is available in the form of Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) programs, the latter being more scientific of the two. Students who obtain one of these degrees have a wide variety of career options available for them, including career counselors, case managers, rehabilitation specialists and psychiatric technicians. At the same time, the students can take up advanced studies in psychology after completion of their graduation, instead of taking up a job immediately.

Master’s Degree In Psychology

The next level in psychology degree programs is the master’s degree in psychology, which comes with a choice between Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MS) in psychology. A master’s degree in psychology is considered as the most desirable one because it has a lot more openings as compared to other degree programs in this field. After completion of the degree, the student can enter diverse fields such as health services, university teaching, business fields and government agencies. They can work as behavioral counselors, social services managers, human resources manager, drug and alcohol specialist and child protection worker.

Phd In Psychology

For those who want to take up a research-oriented degree in psychology, Ph D or Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology is the next level degree course. It enables you to take up a specialty area, which can later on be taken up as a profession. Many of the professionals take up teaching as a profession after a Ph D degree, while some start private practice in counseling or clinical psychology.

Doctor Of Psychology (Psy.D)

Another doctoral level program is Doctor of Psychology, which follows a mire professional approach and is meant for those people who want to make a career specifically in practice of counseling or clinical psychology. After completion of the degree, the professional has to clear a licensing examination so that he can be qualified to diagnose and treat mental problems as well as provide psychotherapy. This degree program tales as many as four to seven years to complete and includes in depth study of psychology related subjects as well as internship and practical training.

Who Can Take Up Online Psychology Degree?

Like many other degree programs, there are several online options for pursuing online degrees in psychology too. These degree programs are available from large number of reputed schools and universities around the country and can be the best option for those who cannot leave their cities to join one of these prestigious institutions as regular students. Moreover, people who are already doing full time or part time jobs are not in a position to quit their jobs and join regular study programs. Still, if they want to upgrade their education or explore new career opportunities, they can take up a psychology degree online. These programs provide them the opportunity to attend classes in the evenings or weekends, as and when their schedule permits them. Similarly, practical training and exams are scheduled according to their convenience. When you look for an online program in psychology, it is important to choose an accredited institution for the same, as accreditation means that the program meets the quality standards set up by the accrediting agency and it ensures better job prospects and brighter future for the student. It implies that the school as well as the program they have chosen gets the assurance of quality. Moreover, having attended an accredited program is a necessity when it comes to obtaining a license when a person has to practice psychology as a career.

Various online psychology courses such as counseling psychology, evolutionary psychology, psychology of gender, clinical psychology, psychology of dreams, cognitive neuroscience, social cognition, research and data analysis in psychology, consumer psychology, experimental psychology, and much more. You can carry out some research to find the course that would suit your interest the best.

Psychology is a subject, which excites and intrigues many, which is the reason why these degree programs are in great demand in the present time. Besides including unique training and gripping academic subjects, these courses aim at developing interpersonal as well as communication skills in the students. As the individual develops these all-important skills, they can not only surge ahead in a career in psychology but also get success in any other career field in the job market. They can become successful as public relations specialists, career counselors, sales representatives, community relations specialists, marketing and advertising professionals and recreation specialists. Those who opt for a career as a psychologist, it gives a unique feeling of satisfaction when you are able to help others conquer their fears and challenges and live a happier and more fulfilled life. In addition, all these career options have good growth prospects and are lucrative in terms of income of the professionals.

Author: Debbora Strickland